Finding the Way brings awareness to individuals and families about the dangers of the overuse and continuous use of antibiotics, the problems with the country's food supply, the importance of nutritious food, and how to limit our daily exposure to toxic ingredients and chemicals. These toxic ingredients and chemicals are causing physical chaos and disease on a level never before seen.

This book will educate and empower you on the necessary steps to begin or continue your journey toward holistic wellness with emphasis on one aspect of holistic health - the body.

I offer practical solutions, suggestions, and resources I discovered while improving my family’s health. Eight years after our lifestyle transformation, I am happy to report that my son continues to be medication free. Discover how it can be done for you and your family in Finding the Way.


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"Impressively informed and informative, exceptionally well written, and thoroughly 'reader friendly' in organization and presentation, "Finding the Way" is an extraordinary contribution that should be a part of every community and academic library Health/Medicine collections and supplemental studies reading list."

Small Press Bookwatch: July 2017 |  James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief |  Midwest Book Review

"Finding the Way' provides excellent information for children of all ages on how to better nourish ourselves. Author Elizabeth DeRosa has researched extensively and seen the results of poor and good nutrition in the people around her. She also provides "doable" small steps to incorporate on the way to radiant health. This is must read for anyone wishing to understand more about what is in our food, what foods to avoid and what to add in."

"Very informative, well written and easy to understand guide to improve the health of our children through dietary changes. Thank you Elizabeth, from one mom to another. Your family's health struggles and your instinct to search out other options to heal them will no doubt help many other families in "Finding the Way."

"The book was a gift to a parent who has a child with many allergies and health issues. She found it most helpful and informative."