What Clients Are Saying...

Elizabeth, first of all, I absolutely loved doing your cleanse. The prep beforehand was my favorite part and I think I learned the most then. Doing the food diary for myself and my kids the week before the cleanse was unbelievable. We were all shocked about the amount of sugar in our regular day. That set us off to make immediate changes. We now read labels without even thinking about it, all of us! Everyone wants to know what the ingredients are in what they eat and how many grams of sugar it has. My kids still eat too much sugar, but the awareness is there. A good start….
I loved the sugar cleanse guide. The 5 action steps were great. I took that part very seriously, made lists of some go to snacks, learned about the many names of sugar, honed in on my personal concerns, listed some self-care practices, and learned that I should drink 70 ounces of water a day.
Green salad and vinaigrette - awesome! Never made my own dressing before. So easy now i do all the time.
I felt less bloated after 2 days and have noticed that my shirts and pants are looser than they were at the beginning of this week.
My biggest accomplishment was that I gave up the nasty creamer and now drink coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and I am fine with that. it’s not as good as what it used to be but i’m happy knowing I’m not putting all the crap in my body anymore!!!!!
I liked knowing there was a group (on Facebook) so that we were all in it together. That brings out the competitor in me - I want to be the best at sugar cleansing. Also, the cleanse opened my eyes to the amount of sugar in things that I never considered. I eat pretty well normally, but dairy was very hard for me to give up.
It was a great program and a really good way for me to become more aware of what I eat and what’s in the food I choose. I can build on what I’ve learned this week very nicely for the long term.
Elizabeth DeRosa guided me thru a sugar cleanse and I was thrilled with my results. I lost 6 pounds while doing the program but more than that I felt better than I had in a long time. My headaches were gone and that sluggish feeling disappeared. If you are looking for a healthier you in 2018, give this program a try.
I look at food so differently!
My husband lost 6 pounds and I lost 4. I really believe in making better choices for my health.
Feeling so thankful for this sugar cleanse life changer! Lemon water every morning now to get us started, no sugar in coffee for my hubs (HUGE accomplishment after 25 years of pure cane sugar in his coffee every day), and we want smoothies - healthy smoothies for breakfast now....instead of a bagel or cereal.
Thank you Elizabeth for leading me through this sugar cleanse. I never felt better. I slept like a rock and all my stomach issues were gone. The cleanse really opened my eyes to the amount of sugar in everything!! I pay much for attention to labels and as a family we are making better choices. Thank you for being there to answer the TON of questions I had throughout the week!

What a great Monday! Down 6 pounds after my sugar cleanse and I feel great! I have more energy and my husband is not snoring thanks to being sugar free!